Youscore presents "Scobotic Platform" for
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Why YouScore

For Students

  • Segregation of academic competencies subject wise, unit wise and topic wise.
  • Personalized reports of the academic performance across subjects, topics, time management, accuracy and reasons for non performance etc..
  • Identification of SWOT on different subjects, specific weaknesses and proposed course of action to enhance performance.
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For Institutes

  • Multiusers and multi institutions can be monitored through central location.
  • Multilevel reporting for center and teacher performance evaluation and
  • Teacher can generate test according to subject, topic and level of difficulty. Test can be generated through using our own data base and/or by uploading their own questions.
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For Parents

  • Parents can continuously view and monitor the micro-progress report of their child and take informed decisions and actions
  • More effective parent-teacher meetings can take place where parent has pre information about their child’s performance and interests
  • Parenting can be more engaged and effective for academic and overall development of children
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